ToqueTown on TV

Does anyone else but us Canadians know exactly what a toque is? Find out in some hilarious videos that have have been seen on national television in Canada and the US!

The Global Morning Show
and their news team, Lynn Colliar and Steve Darling feature ToqueTown live from Robson Square. See Steve try on a variety of ToqueTown classics



"What is a toque!"

It seems its as unique as we are! Wanting to share the love of the toque with people around the world, the THE TOQUETOWN TEAM is traveling far and wide to let people know just what exactly a toque is!

Here's what we've learned so far:

1. Its too hot to wear toques in Mexico.

2. Mexicans seem to prefer hats with brims for extra shade.

3. There are plenty of different kinds of hats in Mexico, but,

4.  Its seems you will have to come to CANADA for the toque!

"Toque Talk!"

While the world visits Vancouver, we're talking toques! THE TOQUETOWN TEAM asks a series of highly skill testing questions that are quintessentially Canadian!

Check out ToqueTown's Toque Talk Channel!

We ask the question:

Episode 1:  "What IS a toque? Click to find out!

Episode 2:  "What is Canada's National Animal?" Click to find out!

Episode 3:  "What is a Zamboni?"  Click to find out!

Episode 4
:  "As Canadian as..."  Click to find out!