Get Your Geek On!

It's that time of the year to, like it or not, click our brains back into gear.  If you're headed back to school, university, or if perhaps its time to pull up your bootstraps at work after an epic summer, then make your desk a place where genius thrives, creativity flows and most importantly, where there's lots of fun doo-dads to help you procrastinate.  

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The Get Your Geek On Collection:


 The Little Helper Magnifying Glass: $12  {BUY IT!}



Retro Silver Flip Clock: $92   {BUY IT!}




PKG Backpack: $109   {BUY IT!}



Chemistry Bar Set: $54   {BUY IT!}



Pac Man Ghost Lamp: $64   {BUY IT!}



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Unicorn Pencil Sharpener: $8   {BUY IT!}


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