Nerdy T-shirts from Make!

Posted in Blog, on August 20, 2014

What kind of nerd are you? How do you geek-out in your own awesome way? For us, we're t-shirt making nerds and we think that for this coming school year, you should come to Make, get one of these fab t-shirts (or make your own), then go to your next class and sit in the front row - we guarantee good marks!


The Nerdy T-shirt Collection:


Pause Now for Science - $20  {BUY IT!}


Dear Algebra: Stop Asking Us to Find Your X: $26   {BUY IT!}




Engineering Flowchart: $26   {BUY IT!}

I Rule - $26   {Contact us for Purchase!}



Dear Math: I'm Not Your Therapist Women's - $26  {BUY IT!}


Dear Math: I'm Not Your Therapist Men's - $26   {BUY IT!}



Things I Learned in School - $26    {Contact us for Purchase!}


I Found This Humerus - $26   {BUY IT!}


We've got t-shirts for any occasion!  Check out our portfolio of printed t-shirts or come to Make and create your own t-shirt. Our designers are ready to help!