Mighty Prints and the Make Designer

We've just gone ahead and done something that no retail store has EVER done before!  Introducing Mighty Prints and the Make Designer.  Mighty Prints is a brand new fabric printing technology that lets you print all over a t-shirt, with no limits!  The Make Designer is an in-store touch screen design station run by our very own software, developed by Make. It's an easy to use app, full of beautiful graphics, for you to create your own t-shirt graphic. 



This guy used one of our photographer's images to make himself this uber cool skateboard shirt.

Creativity happens here, for everyone, at the Mighty Prints Design Station. Saddle on up to one of the four touch screens to create a ready to print graphic!


First step is to pick your product!  We have men's, women's, kids and youth apparel to choose from.

We've collaborated with artists and photographers, loaded the Make Designer full of beautiful images, doodles and you can add your own text.  Each time we sell an image created by one of our collaborators, we pay them a royalty!  Cool, huh?

Now its time to design!  Pick a background, layer it with doodles, text or other pictures.  Make it one-of-a-kind!

Oh Deer!  Mighty Prints are AMAZING!


Fierce kitty, handsome devil!

And you can always call on Mighty Man!  Our hero of creativity saves the world from boredom.  If you find yourself with creative block, call on Mighty Man who will save the day!  

You can only find Mighty Prints and the Make Designer at Make, on Granville Island!  Come and try it now and take advantage of our 20% off introductory offer.  

We're on a mission to transform the retail universe and we boldly go where no retail store has gone before.  To learn more about Make and Mighty Prints, visit www.makevancouver.com