Aigle Rain Boots now available at MAKE

Posted in Blog, on October 05, 2018

Aigle has been handmaking their rubber boots in France since 1853 and MAKE is proud to carry a selection of their latest collection.

Aigle Rain Boots on Granville Island

High quality and attention to detail are the core principles of every collection design which guarantees a perfected and long-lasting product. The skills associated with the making of their rubber boots is a unique French expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation for 160 years in their Châtellerault workshops.

ALT - Aigle Rain Boots on Granville Island

It takes a master rubber craftsman two years to fully master the 60 production steps required to make one boot. Each boot requires 2kg of natural, organic rubber and is individually checked to ensure that it is completely waterproof.

ALT - Aigle Rain Boots on Granville Island

The city of Vancouver is the perfect place to fully appreciate the comfort and French flair that Aigle has brought to the rain boot and we invite you to visit us on Granville Island and try a pair on. We have a limited selection of women’s ankle boots and they’re moving quickly so hurry before the rainy season starts! (Price range - $185 - $190)

ALT - Aigle Rain Boots on Granville Island