Gifts for Grads at MAKE!

Calling all grads! This is your time to shine and your time to get ready for real life! Get started on the right foot with these great gift ideas available only at MAKE Vancouver. We've got parents and friends of grads covered too with a great selection of gift ideas.



Check out our Grad Gift Ideas... 


F in Exams Books - $13.95 each

Reminisce about the old days of pop quizzes and failed exams with the complete collection of Exam books by Richard Beason 

Worst Place Ribbons - $6.50

Congratulations! You cleaned your room! Have a celebratory ribbon.


Fun Locker Magnets - $6.00

Just because you don't have a hall locker anymore doesn't mean you have to give up all your sweet magnets. Add to your collection and put them on the fridge at work!


Engravable Flasks  - $14.00+ (starting at $14 for engraving)

Celebrate graduation in style with our swanky engravable flasks. 

Business Card Holders - $9.60 (starting at $12 for engraving)
(Customize it!)

Get your business life started right with our swanky business card holders. Land the perfect job by customizing the wooden card holder in store!

MAKE Original Desk Name Plates - $25.00
(Customize it!)

Congrats on the new job! Choose from our selection of MAKE Original desk nameplates for $25. Ask us about customization.

Girl Boss Snapback - $26.00
(Customize it!)

You got the job and you're already the boss?! Nice work! Now you can wear this appropriate MAKE Original snapback.


Con-grads to all the graduates this year! You've made it and we're so proud of ya!