Call For Submissions

Calling all artists and photographers!  Make is searching for illustrations and photographs for use with our digital t-shirt design software.


What are we looking for?

We are looking to partner with artists and photographers to expand our collection of photographs, illustrations, and patterns for use with our digital t-shirt design software.

Where and how will your art be used?

Your photos and illustrations will be offered to our customers as as a design element to use while creating their own all-over t-shirt graphic. Artists and photographers must be okay with their artwork and photos being altered by being rotated, cropped, or with text and doodles added on top, and don’t worry, we will never allow anything profane or illegal to be associated with your art.

How much will you get paid?

Photographers and artists will be paid $3 each time their art gets purchased. Users will be notified of the artist's name when they choose to use it. If a photo or illustration is used in volume orders of 24 or more, this may be discounted.  In order to promote Mighty prints we may give away or discount the opportunity to design shirts at various times - if your art is used in any of these promotions the royalty will be discounted proportionate to what we receive in payment.

What are the next steps? 

We want to work with you! Please submit a sample of your work to us using the instructions below. If it looks like there’s a fit, we will contact you!




Technical Requirements:

#1   How to submit: please send a sample of your work to us via: a. a link to your online portfolio or website, or b. up to 5 samples of your work emailed as low-res jpgs. c. use “Call for submissions” in the subject line of your email.  Please include a small description of yourself and indicate how many files, if your submission was accepted, you intend to submit.

#2   Once accepted any one of the following types of artwork are required: a. high resolution photography b. art and illustrations provided in high resolution digital format. c. vectored artwork (.ai or .eps)

#3   Contact email for questions and submissions: