Classic T-Shirt and Garment Printing

Make A T-Shirt and More

Direct to garment full digital printing at MAKE is creative, fun and quick! Create t-shirts, pillows, bags and more using full colour graphics, with minimal waits, and with no minimum order.  

What We Have in Store

At MAKE we have an assorted selection of items that are ready to design. Order online or in store.


What Can I Bring In?

These items are suitable for direct to garment printing.
  • New and unworn T's and Sweatshirts with a high (at least 60%) cotton content
  • Pieces of fabric with a high cotton content
  • Articles made of cotton - Please remember that we require a large flat surface for printing, free of buttons, zippers or seams. 

Please note:

We cannot replace or refund for any unsatisfactory prints on SUPPLIED garments.
We cannot accept Lululemon items for printing.
We cannot accept items that already have preexisting printing or embroidery on them.

We recommend investing in a test package (see additional services below) to ensure the colour and print quality with your graphic on your fabric. 

Also note that we charge an extra $5 for printing on items you bring in.

Thanks for your understanding.


Volume discounts are based on using the same graphics on all shirts.

All prices are based on artwork that is "ready-to-print".

No artwork? You can use our MAKE Designer tool online or in-store to create your own artwork, or you can have someone at MAKE help you set up your artwork for a fee. Design fees start at $15 and go up $5 for 5 minute increments after 10 minutes.

Turnaround Time

NOTE: if you create your shirt online, please allow at least 24 hours for proofing and printing before you can pickup.

We can often do same-day turnaround for appropriately sized projects for customers shopping in-store. If you are hoping for a same-day turnaround, please call ahead to check our current turnaround timing. Thanks!
For e-mail orders, we generally require 2-3 days. 
And the great news is, we are open 7 days a week!

**Thanks for understanding, during our busiest months - summer and December - turnaround timing may differ. Please contact us for current turnaround estimates. 

**We stop taking custom orders 30 minutes before close to do machine maintenance so please place your orders before 5:30. Thanks.

**If you are hoping to have something printed same day the order needs to be placed before 4:00.  Note that orders are done on a first-come, first-served basis so we cannot guarantee items can be printed same day - although we always try our best. Printing on items brought in by you are scheduled for a 24 hour turnaround. Volume orders (over 12 items) are scheduled based on our volume of business - allow 3 to 6 days (you can always call to find out our current production schedule).

Additional Services 

Test Package

Testing your graphic for a multi-run job? We can offer you 15 minutes with one of our skilled production people where they will conduct 3 test prints, with colour correction in between, to get your graphic where you want it to be for your large run. The test prints of your same graphic can be on ours or your test fabric - if the test is on ours it will be on t-shirt jersey, please bring your own if you you would like something different. Thank for understanding, this test-printing may not always be able to be done immediately, especially if you're dropping in - please contact us to arrange the session ahead of time. Thanks!

$25 - $35

*Please note, due to the nature of direct-to-garment printing, we cannot guarantee exact ink colour matching. If you require a specific brand colour for example -please contact our corporate division, Promosapien, here

Printing on Your Fabric or Garments

We will do this, but we will not replace or refund for any unsatisfactory prints. We recommend investing in a test package if you are particular about colour and print quality with your graphic.

Starts at $19+ 
This price is for a t-shirt with no troublesome seams or your piece of plain fabric. Discounts for multiple prints are available. For difficult-to-print items (most things beyond the aforementioned are difficult), we will quote.

*Please note, if your items have any of the following, we cannot print on them: seams on front or back, existing prints or embroidery already, spandex, built-in bras, or anything with less than 50% cotton.Thanks for understanding.  

Silk Screening 

MAKE offers two great ways to imprint t-shirts, digital printing and silk screening. For volume orders that have graphics with few colours, silk screening may be a great option. Check out our Imprinting Guide to find out which method suits your project, or visit our silk screening page to learn more.

We do not silk screen on supplied items.

Mighty Prints & The MAKE Designer 

Now you can print "All-Over" a shirt - from top to bottom and back to front with no limits! Mighty Prints uses cutting edge technology and MAKE is the first retail store to offer it. Use the MAKE Designer, our very own touch screen app, to upload your own photos or use our collection to create your very own all-over graphic. Check out our Mighty Prints page to discover more.

*Please note: MAKE will not print copyright protected images or artwork without the permission of the creator. We do require you to affirm that you have the right to use any of the images you supply to us to reproduce.