Embroidered Patches with Merrowed Borders

*these have a minimum order of 50 and take a minimum of 2 weeks


Making these types of patches is a 4-step process using 4 different machines: 
1. The embroidery file needs to be set up (on our computer using embroidery software). 
2. Then the design or lettering is embroidered onto the twill fabric (using an embroidery machine). 
3. The "patches" are then cut out of the twill fabric (die cut or hand cut). 
4. Then the edges are merrowed (using a merrowing machine). 

Minimum Order: 50 patches
Minimum Set-up Fee: $50
(depends on stitches in embroidery) 
Minimum Time Frame: 2 weeks 

Only simple shapes can be merrowed. 
Glue backing is available (but we recommend sewing the patch on as well for better longevity). 
We do not sew or glue patches on in-house (but we can arrange for an added cost and 7+ additonal days).