Laser Engraving

  • Engraving at MAKE Vancouver on Granville Island
  • Engraving at MAKE Vancouver on Granville Island
  • Engraving at MAKE Vancouver on Granville Island

Make Your Mark

Make your mark! The elegant simplicity of laser engraving makes a beautiful gift extra special! At MAKE you can engrave a custom message on items found in our store or bring in your own. Our designers are ready to help you get creative and to ensure that your gift is truly amazing! Need inspiration? See our engraving portfolio here and check out the fonts and designs that are ready for you to use.

Engraving at MAKE Vancouver on Granville Island

What We Have in Store

At MAKE, we've found items that look fantastic when engraved. Our collection includes cutting boards, flasks, wallets, journals and more.  Our designers will help you find the right item and create beautiful engraving artwork. Then, watch as it all comes together at MAKE!


Our list of in-store engraveables:


What Can I Bring In?

Laser engraving is particularly suited for wood items. In some cases, glass, acrylic and some coated metal items look great engraved. Leather can engrave nicely but all hides differ so it's best if you bring in a sample to test before engraving. See our list below of things that may be engraved at MAKE and don't hesitate to check with our engraving specialists to see if your object is suitable:

  • Flat wood, leather, acrylic, coated metal (eg. anodized aluminium) or glass 
  • Glasses and coated metal mugs with smooth, relatively cylindrical surfaces
  • Objects that are smaller than 24"x12"x6", shorter than 9" with nothing sticking up more than 1/2", relatively flat and not made of uncoated metal

Not sure if your item will work? Contact us and we can let you know.



Pricing for Our Items


Pricing for Your Item

Are there additional Fees?

  • Set up for simple text between $5 - $10
  • Set up for complex text or text plus images starts at $15
    (We will quote for more complex artwork)
  • Set-up where proof is needed - Starting at $15

How do I know what the engraving will look like on an item I bring in?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how engraving may turn out on any items that we do not sell here at MAKE so therefore we cannot guarantee any outcomes at all when engraving onto customer’s items. Because of this, we do not replace or reimburse for any items brought in where the engraving does not satisfy in any way. We also do not reimburse for the actual engraving service even if the outcome is not satisfactory.

We highly recommend buying the items we sell in the store for engraving as these have all been tested.

Are there placement restrictions?

All engraving must sit 0.25 inches from any edge or other element. The surface must be relatively flat with nothing sticking up over 0.25 inches from the surface.

Can I bring my own artwork?

Yes, you can bring your artwork with you on a USB drive to the shop, or you can e-mail it to us ahead of time. Please note that we need vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .cdr) in black and white for engraving. We can vectorize high quality, high contrast images (.jpeg, .png) in store but this may result in a loss of detail. We usually do not recommend engraving photographs, especially of people or pets.

*Please note: we do not engrave copyright protected images or artwork without the permission of the creator. We do require you to affirm that you have the right to use any of the images you supply to us to reproduce.

What is your turnaround time?

We can often do same-day turnaround for appropriately sized projects for customers shopping in-store. If you are hoping for a same-day turnaround, please call ahead to check our current turnaround timing. Thanks!
For e-mail orders, we generally require 2-3 days.
And the great news is, we are open 7 days a week!