Make Buttons

One of the many creative things you can do at Make is button making.  If you have never tried button making before, you'll be amazed at how entertaining it is!  You can say whatever you want on a button, within reason that is ;) and it's always fun and always friendly!

How It Works

Step 1

Grab a button template in store.
Colour it, collage it, stamp it, write on it - get creative and add anything you fancy!
Or to create and bring in your own printed buttons sheets, download our 1.75" button template.


Step 2

Bring it to the button making machine:
Watch as our friendly staff bring your design to life. 

Step 3

Create and experiment:
No charge for template circles  or art supplies.

Step 4

Love it?
Make some more!
Create one for every occasion.

How It Works

Q: How do I order custom buttons?

A:  Click on the following links to download our 1.75" button template.   Then you can pop your design(s) onto the template and bring the printed sheet(s) into us at Make. Our Makers will be happy to make your buttons for you, usually same day! 

Q: What is the pricing for custom buttons? Are there volume discounts?

A: Button Pricing:
1-23 buttons:  $2.00 each
24+ buttons: $1.70 each

*Prices are based on you providing the printed template sheets and we press the buttons for you. 

Q: What is your turnaround time like?

A: 1-11 buttons: approx 1 hour
12-59 buttons: same to next day
(these are approximates, it can be sometimes faster or slower depending on how busy the shop is)
*Please note, you'll need to print your sheet(s) to bring them into us for button-making.

Q: Are there any design concerns I should be aware of?

A: Let your imagination run wild! The only thing to keep in mind is that the outer rim area wraps around the button, so don't put any important text or imagery in that outer area.

Q: What if I can't create the art I need on your template and/or I need you to print the templates for me?

A: Both of these services are available for a fee. Please email us with the details and we will quote you. Note that we only have a standard colour paper printer - if you need high quality printing with colour matching you should supply your own printed sheets.

Happy button making!