Can't Have Sunshine Without Rains!



You wake up on a Sunday and you remember that for the first time in like EVER you don’t have to work tomorrow. The forecast says it’s going to be a solid 20 degrees out all day so obviously you hit up the group chat because that means it’s BEACH DAY! Scott, Brittany, Devon, Marjoly and Maria are all down. Perfect.

After herding your friends into a carpool like a group of cats, you drive all the way to Jericho and start to set your things up. That’s when the absolute unspeakable happens… You feel a gentle tap on your nose like a gentle kiss of a lover, except this is no lover… this is a FOE! Drip. Drip. Drip. POUR.

You were so excited about having a Monday off with a sunny Sunday that you totally overlooked the 40% chance of precipitation that the weather man had mentioned (what do they know anyways)

Good thing you always have your Long Rain jacket from Rains in your car for just this kind of situation. Made from a water-resistant lightweight fabric with a matte finish, this unisex rain jacket has an elegant appearance and is conveniently lightweight.

Well… you drove all of this way; you might as well try to enjoy your Sunday. The water is still warm right?? Good thing that speaker is waterproof…

We are happy to announce that we now carry Rains jackets, bags and hats in select colours at our Granville Island store 💜 Avoid the inevitable Vancouver rain with Rains!

Here's a look at what we carry