Custom Embroidery

Β Custom Embroidery at MAKE on Granville Island


Please note: Production times forΒ CUSTOM PRODUCTS do not include the time it takes to ship the finished project.


For more information on turnaround times, pickups, or drop offs, or to book an appointment, please read our CUSTOM DEPT FAQ page.

For general inquiries, please contact our department directly:


Custom EmbroideryΒ at MAKE

Custom embroidery has been our specialty for over 25 years! Our embroidery artists can help you with your project whether you're looking for an elegant design to be applied to a single item or you're looking for custom logo hats or items to be used for corporate branding.

NEW! Embroider online!

We now offer a selection of products that you canΒ personalize with text and order online. (If you would like your custom logo or artwork on any of these items send us an email or click get a quote at the bottom of the page.)

Click HERE to personalizeΒ a cap, toque, robe, handkerchief, hoodie, or sweatshirt with text online.

Products we carry in-store that can be embroidered

What fonts can I choose from?

We have over 20 fonts for you to choose from.

What productsΒ can I bring in to get embroidered?

Many items are suitable for embroidery. Here is a sample list of things that you can bring in for embroidery at MAKE.

  • Athletic wear
  • Backpacks*
  • Blankets
  • Baby blankets
  • Caps
  • Chair covers
  • Christmas stockings
  • Fabric Storage Bins
  • Jackets
  • Toques
  • Towels
  • Polos
  • Robes
  • Shirts

Do you haveΒ VOLUME pricing for embroidered headwear?

You betcha!Β Click here for more info on volume pricing on caps, beanies and toques.

Sale prices include your logo with up to 5,000 stitches.



SPECIAL OFFER - Your logo on a black Tentree Cork Icon Elevation Hat

Add your company logo on one or more caps. Volume pricing starts at 6 or more and sale prices include your logo with up to 5,000 stitches.
While quantities last.Β Click for more info.


Want to make some embroidered patches?

Click here for more info on our custom embroidered patches.


Looking for embroidery inspiration?

Check out our embroidery gallery.



Please note that here are a number of things that can restrict us from being able to embroider on your item - pockets, zippers, linings, seams, fabric that is too thick or too delicate. We cannot say for sure that your item can be embroidered until we have seen it.

* Some backpacks with too many zippers or padding may not be able to be embroidered. We are not able to embroider Fjallraven Kanken backpacks.

Get a Quote

    Custom Embroidery FAQs - Click to expand


    Yes, we can convert your logos, designs and artwork into a special format so they can be embroidered by our machines. It needs to be DIGITIZED for embroidery using an embroidery specific program operated by a trained digitizer.

    To learn more about digitizing and get a quote on your project click here.

    Sure can! See our information on patches here.

    We do custom order sales on singular items as well as large volume orders! For Volume order inquires please request a quote.

    We embroider items purchased elsewhere all the time if they are suitable for embroidery.

    Not all items, even if they are constructed of fabric, can be embroidered. (If they are too small to hoop, have lots of zippers and pockets, or are thick padded fabrics, have layers of fabrics, are fragile or constructed in any way that prevents us from being able to hoop your item and secure it in our machine.)

    Also, there are some things that we do not recommend be embroidered even if it is possible (examples of these are irreplaceable items, very thin or delicate fabrics, very expensive items, anything leather, anything the hoop may leave a mark on) Please bring your item intoMAKE at our Granville Island location to see if it works with embroidery.

    We will not embroider unwashed items, no exceptions.

    Yes! We have over 20 fonts to choose from. NOTE - Text needs to be at least 0.2" high to work.

    We also have a new design book full of designs and icons, that is available for customers to review and choose from, at the embroidery desk.

    Possibly. It depends on how complicated the photo is. Please note that you need to be the owner or creator of the image or have specific permission to use it. We do not reproduce copyright protected images or artwork without the permission of the creator or owner. Landscape or portrait photography does not translate well to embroidery. If you're looking to put this kind of photography onto clothing consider our printing options.