Meet our Makers


At MAKE Vancouver, we are all about sourcing one-of-a-kind products that support our local thriving artisan community. Our growing collection of Makers include talented artists, designers and others from all across the great white North and beyond.

Read more about the independent brands we love and how you can support them at MAKE Vancouver.

ADRIAN KLIS - Alberta, Canada

Adrian Klis' traditional craftsmanship makes for a top quality product that is made to last. One of the best parts about these bags and wallets is that they are handmade in Alberta, Canada. The specially selected hides are used to create stagecoach leather, and are selected for their strength, character, grains, and tactile quality. Shop in style while shopping local! SHOP our Adrian Klis Collection here.


THE BASIC STITCHES - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chelsea and Tiff are lawyers by day, stitchers by night. They formed The Basic Stitches based on their mutual love for sarcasm and stitching. Each of their kits walk you through how to create your own masterpiece with a variety of humourous designs to choose from.

BAUN BON - Golden, BC, Canada

Jayn Baun, the creative mastermind behind Baun Bon, swapped Alberta farm-life for the beautiful mountains of BC. Her unique card designs feature original artwork in hopes of uplifting and spreading joy through lighthearted creative expression and fun!

BLEU MARIE - Nova Scotia, Canada

Bleu Marie is Marie Hébert, a full-time potter and illustrator. She is inspired by everything about the ocean and nature. "I make simple things that people find useful and beautiful." Originally from Quebec, Marie now lives in Nova Scotia where she splits her time between pottery, illustrations and surfing. Shop the Bleu Marie Collection here.


CLASSY CARDS - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Classy Cards is a small, one woman (plus help from her husband) shop founded by Designer Cassy Collins. She uses clean-cut design to spread joy through warm wishes and a tiny bit of inappropriate and sarcastic humour. Classy Cards simply say what everyone else is thinking.


COAST TO COASTERS - Dundas, ON, Canada

In starting Coast to Coaster, I committed to giving 10% of proceeds to various charities in Canada which assist those facing homelessness. My hope is that each purchase can help someone in need. Know that each time you take a look at your coasters around your home, you've also helped someone get one step closer to having their own home.


COLAB HANDBAGS - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Collab Bags at MAKE Vancouver

Colab is designed with you in mind, and this colab-oration is statement worthy. Based in Montreal, 100% vegan, each piece is created with beauty, simplicity & catered to the everyday girl. Together we look good, together we make a difference. Shop the Colab collection here.


CRAFTEDVAN - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Once upon a time, 2 girls had lots of creative ideas but no way to share them. But then - Diana & Erica joined forced to send smiles around the world! Craftedvan makes the cutest pins, bookmarks, and magnets - often while snacking. Outside of their Craftedvan adventure, Diana is a designer and Erica is a nurse - a perfect mix of love, care, and creativity goes into all they do!

THE FIVE 15 (Angie Q. Coates) - Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Five15 is an accessories & apparel shop based in Vancouver, BC and designed by Angie Q. Coates. All of her products have a message, and were created for feminists, animal lovers and kind people. While Five15 was also founded hoping to connect with others with designs that people love, a core purpose has always been to give back. If you're a dog mom or a cat dad, they have the items for you! SHOP the MAKE x Angie Q. Coates Collection here.

GOT BAG - Germany

In 2016, GOT BAG started collecting plastic from the ocean, recycling it and processing it into backpacks. Since then, we've been able to steadily increase the capacity of our clean-up program and thus the amount of plastic we collect each month. Even beyond this, we are continuously increasing our impact. SHOP the GOT BAG Collection here.

HALIFAX PAPER HEARTS - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Stefanie, the creative force behind Halifax Paper Hearts, is a self-proclaimed heart-following entrepreneur that is mildly obsessed with marketing, design & all things squish-in-your-face cute. Her seaside stationery & design studio makes whimsical card designs with love, care & salty air.


HAND & SEW LEATHER - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hand & Sew is a leatherworking company founded by Steven Enns in 2011. Each piece is hand cut, sewn, and embossed out of their East Van studio. The keychains act like an accessory for your keys that give it a little more personality, just like YOU! 



HEADSTER KIDS - Quebec, Canada

Headster Kids is a street-inspired children’s fashion headwear brand based in Canada. Our snapback are stylish and yet not too childish. Our caps are perfect for your kids for any occasion, whether playing, partying or chilling. They will protect them from all weather conditions and will give them the perfect look you are looking for. Headster Kids collection has a little bit of every- thing to make both kids and parents happy.

HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town where three generations of their family grew up. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. is a design driven global accessories brand that produces quality products with a fine regard for detail. SHOP our Herschel Supply Co. Collection here.

ANDREA HOOGE - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Andrea HoogeAndrea Hooge is a local artist who makes awesome pop culture and animal magnets, among other cool creations! Living and working out of her home studio in East Vancouver, she’s also had her art featured in a number of solo exhibitions and group shows. She finds her inspiration from the nostalgia of vintage magazines and childrens books.  SHOP the MAKE x Andrea Hooge Collection here.


MARCUS HYNES - Vancouver, BC

Marcus Hynes is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator hailing from Newfoundland, now based in beautiful Kitsilano, Vancouver. His work is unrelentingly bold, colourful, and celebratory; drawing inspiration in equal measure from old-school video games, vintage maps and travel posters, and the stunning natural beauty of his adoptive home. SHOP the MAKE x Marcus Hynes Collection here.


Inner Wolf Jewelry is owned and operated independently by Ashya Elizabeth. Creating from her studio in so-called Vancouver, Ashya’s work is influenced by her Cree and Turkish ancestry, every piece infused with elemental components of the natural and spiritual world.


JEN ELLIS DESIGN - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jen Ellis is a Canadian designer based in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in small-batch, fine jewellery made of sterling silver and gold. Her pieces are minimalist and use cute shapes to create elegant accessories. As her jewellery is handmade, there may be slight variations in each piece, but this is what makes them one-of-a-kind.


JMP FLOW + DESIGN - Victoria, BC, Canada

Each unique piece by JMP Flow + Design is carefully handmade by founder Jocelyn using a food safe epoxy resin fluid pouring technique on top quality wooden boards and coasters. By carefully layering colours, the dried resin decorates each piece with incredibly stunning organic flowing designs. SHOP the JMP Flow + Design Collection here.


JOIE DESIGN - Courtenay, BC, Canada

Born from a passion for art, minimalism, West Coast style, and the great outdoors, Joie Designs was started by a busy mom who wanted to capture the spirit of living in the Pacific Northwest. “I make jewellery that’s inspired by what makes me happy.” - Rosie


MINIMALIST CREATOR - Vancouver, BC, Canada

A photographer and illustrator duo trying to showcase their art. Ajay is a commercial/ fashion photographer who occasionally dabbles in street photography and Karan loves to paint and create illustrations.



MITERCRAFT - San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

With one new miter saw and a life-long love for woodworking, Ron and Julie Flint started Mitercraft in 1991. Today, they operate their small company in the San Juan Islands, about 90 minutes north of Seattle, Washington. Using only hand-selected, sustainably harvested wood, they celebrate the natural beauty of wood by creating products that allow its glory to be showcased.

MOONSHINE DREAMS - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Richard Thomson, local East Van maker, never thought in his life he’d be making jewelry - but he loves it! His Moonshine Dreams collection features the raddest wood jewelry and flasks - a lot of his designs reflect his fascination with pirates, Sailor Jerry, New Orleans, naval history, and awesome animals.

MY CAT IS PEOPLE - Vancouver, BC, Canada

My Cat Is People is a small cat business with a lot of heart...and a lot of cat hair! Based in Vancouver, Canada, their little design shop offers lifestyle items for the crazy cat purrson. Whether that's mew or a friend, our lapel pins, stationery and garments are sure to make the heart smile.

OLE ORIGINALS - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ole Originals started in 2008 when tastefully designed, nicely fitted, and good quality t-shirts were difficult to find. All Ole Originals tees are limited editions with a retro look and soft feel. The graphics are inspired by travel, culture, wildlife, and the places we love and they are still silk-screened by hand in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada. SHOP the Ole Originals Collection here.

PAINTED ROCKET - Vancouver, BC, Canada

The collaborative creations of Vancouver artists Ivan Solomon and Micah Groberman come to life under the Painted Rocket brand. Inspired by their kids, grand-kids and natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, their original designs depict local sights in a colourful, playful style. SHOP Painted Rocket designs in our MAKE Originals collection.


PROUD ZEBRA - Vancouver, BC, Canada

We’re Delwin (he/him) and Jimmy (he/him), a gay couple currently calling Vancouver, British Columbia, our home!We want you to know that when you purchase Proud Zebra products, you’re not only supporting a queer-owned small business, but you’re also supporting a business that cares about the larger LGBTQ+ community. We’re a business that celebrates pride all year round, and we’re incredibly proud of that.

PURSUITS JEWELRY - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pursuits Jewelry begins each season's collection by hand. Through many stages of testing and material exploration, their designs highlight the allure of bold shapes and striking forms. Each piece is then formed and finished with care in small batches in their Toronto studio. 


RAVEN'S REST STUDIOS - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Raven's Rest Studio features unique, handcrafted, fun and funky gifts and accessories made by Jennifer Conway in Vancouver, BC. Every piece is designed and handmade in her home studio. MAKE is one of only two retailer to carry this fun and eclectic collection. Jennifer uses non-traditional and recycled materials with the objective of taking used, worn or forgotten items and turning them into something beautiful, with a new purpose turning leftover tidbits into unique, original and affordable art.

Shop the Raven's Rest Collection.

RECLAIMED PRINT CO. - Vancouver, BC, Canada

RECLAIMED PRINT CO. is a collective of talented Canadian artists, makers and designers who combine their various creative skillsets to produce quality artworks & home decor products using printed artwork on locally sourced & sustainable wood. Shop Reclaimed Print Co. as part of our curated Beautiful Brands collection.

THE ROGERIE - Kelowna, BC, Canada

Newlyweds, eccentrics, and 3D-printing enthusiasts, Brady and Angela took the leap and started The Rogerie in their small rental home a few weeks after their wedding in the spring of 2019. Having seen the incredible amount of plastic garbage generated while moving into their first home, they realized something had to change. By combining Angela’s passion for design and Brady’s experience in robotic engineering, they came up with an entirely new way to produce every day products with less waste than any alternative.

STINSON STUDIOS - Tamworth, Ontario, Canada

Stinson Studios

Since the beginning, Don Stinson has worked with wood sourced locally from family-run wood lots. The logs are chosen for rare characteristics that bring something special to each piece. Similarly, damaged trees that have developed burls and that would otherwise be considered scrap are selected to create the stunning, one of a kind signature sculptural pieces that have become a staple in our collection, and in many homes and businesses worldwide. Don was recently joined in the business by his sons Jesse and Spike. Custom engrave a Stinson Studios wooden piece in our Custom Engraving collection.

TENTREE - Vancouver, BC, Canada

The goal at tentree is to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet and to do so they plan to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. They also believe that a commitment to sustainability extends beyond planting trees. In fact, it is woven (pun intended) into everything they do. Every tentree item is made using a blend of sustainable fabrics. Whether it is organic cotton, recycled polyester, cork, or coconut; you can feel good about how your product is made, and what it is made with. SHOP the tentree Collection here. 

TENSE WOODEN WATCHES - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ken P Lau founded Tense Wooden Watches in 1971. Each component is carefully built or selected and they use premium Rondo 6004D Swiss or Japanese Miyota watch movements. Each watch is made of 100% reclaimed wood sources and manufactured by hand in their Vancouver workshop. SHOP the Tense Collection here.


AYA WALLACE - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Transplanted from Okinawa as a young woman, Aya Wallace has never stopped appreciating the beauty of nature in British Columbia. Her art and crafts are a marriage of two cultures and inspired by her camping trips and hikes throughout North America and Asia. In her works, she seeks to reveal the surprises and hidden treasures of nature.

AMANDA WEEDMARK - Courtenay, BC, Canada

Amanda Weedmark is a local artist from Vancouver. Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, the natural environment has always been a huge part of her life and is now one of the main foundations of her work. She is particularly drawn to the styles of 60s and 70s since both have inherent connections to nature and speak to her minimalist tendencies. By marrying these two worlds, and mixing it with a little bit of light-hearted humour, she is able to create work that is expressive and playful. Amanda’s designs feature a groovy range of artist-designed goods & gifts for tree huggers, Sasquatch believers, outdoor adventurers and the like.
SHOP Amanda Weedmark's Collection here.


West Wind Hardwood is a family run woodworking company that supports ecologically sound forestry practices. They use the bounty of natural resources their home on Vancouver Island supplies to create quality wooden goods. Their walnut and maple boards make life-long pieces for your kitchen and home. Look for West Wind Hardwood pieces in our Custom Engraving collection.

XS UNIFIED - Vancouver, BC, Canada

XS Unified Co-Founders Christine Breakell-Lee and Matt Kelly have a collective history in action sports of over 15 years. On dirt, pavement or snow, with two wheels or four, Christine and Matt are continually inspired by the creativity, strength and ethos that fuel these athletes and their disciplines. Drawing on Christine’s career as a fine artist and reinforced by Matt’s development background in the skateboard industry, XS Unified products are a labor of love and a true collaboration of style and performance.