Carson Ting's "Billion Buns" land at MAKE



In a galaxy, not so far away, a progressive and highly inquisitive little species called the ‘Buns’ have been hit hard by an astronomical cosmic solar storm that has forced billions of them to flee their home planet "Bananas". 

Desperately seeking a new place to call home, the Buns have descended upon Earth in advanced space shuttles undetected, running rampant on our soil. 

How will the billions blend into human civilization without revealing their buns?


The Buns collection has flat brim caps, and pocket tees, with embroidered buns and unisex slim fit hoodies with an embroidered logo on the front and a full-back hand screened design on the back.


Only six of the Billion Buns have made it to Earth.
Which one is your favourite?

Bunquiat - Master painter and culture king. Nothing is impossible when this bunny has a paint brush in their hand.

Crew Bun #63 - This crew member has robotic hands and a snow cat on their back!

Hot Line Bun - “Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.”

Super Champ Bun - Boxing bunny with a bandaid on their cheek. Float like a bunny, sting like a bunny.

Storm Trooper Bun - Watched star wars when they first landed on earth and understood it as earth's military presence. Believes in the Empire.

Tiger Bun - Tiger, tiger, rawr, rawr, rawr . . . GOOOOOOOOOOOO TIGERS!


The Billion Buns collection is the brainchild of award-winning Vancouver artist, designer and all-around creative genius, Carson Ting, aka Chairman Ting. This collection is available for a LIMITED TIME online and in store at MAKE Vancouver and MAKE Gastown.