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Meet Jessica Kruger, a Vancouver artist and baker and long time client of MAKE Vancouver and Go MAKE Custom.

Who is the Stubborn Baker?

The short answer is that I run my own custom dessert business as “The Stubborn Baker”, working out of a commissary kitchen in Vancouver and creating desserts that look as good as they taste and help sweeten all of your special occasions! 

The slightly longer answer: The Stubborn Baker is the name I came up with to reflect the challenges that I have based as a small business owner with a disability. Stubbornness is the word that I have relied on when people have told me that I can’t do something, it’s the trait I turn to when someone doubts me - it’s that “watch me prove you wrong” driving force! And while the page is mostly baked goods, it’s also occasionally some of my other artistic pursuits (water colour, clay, drawing, jewelry making) and a little bit of living life with a disability in Vancouver!

Is this the first time you've printed with MAKE? 


I love MAKE and have made quite a few projects with you guys over the years.

I think the first was the day of the week onesies for my nephew, but since then I’ve printed matching crewneck t-shirts (a pizza and the slice done in watercolour) for my boyfriend at the time (now husband), a sweatshirt and matching apron for a baker friend, matching Christmas shirts for a couple’s trip, and sweatshirts for a friend that had just gotten engaged, and then most recently, the day of the week onesies for my niece, Kit! 

I’m sure there’s been more that I’m forgetting too!

How did you hear about MAKE?

I live right by Granville island and wandered into your magical store one day!

Did you create online or in our store?

I’ve done both! 

My preference is definitely in store, because the staff is so helpful, but it’s awesome to have the convenience of doing it from home with the online system too! It’s definitely straightforward and easy to use. 

Were the illustrations for Kit's onesies created by you?

Yes! I love to paint with water colours and have them custom printed on garments so that it’s got the thoughtful element of my work with the quality of MAKE's printing. 

How was your overall experience with MAKE? 

Very positive. I have the equipment at home to do printed vinyl/transfer but always choose to use MAKE instead, as the quality just can’t be beat!

Do you have any future projects that you might print, embroider or engrave with MAKE?

I just recently learned about the embroidery possibilities and am already dreaming up some cool baking themed merch that I could create!




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