How to Adjust your Face Mask Beads


All of the masks purchased at MAKE come with two adjustable rubber beads that allow you to custom fit your mask. 

Our store manager Hannah has discovered a quick and easy way to get the beads on to the ear straps. Watch this 20 second view to become a pro yourself! 

Pretty easy eh? Turns out all you needed was a bobby pin!


Since MAKE introduced Custom Face Masks to our MAKE Designer in early May we have donated over 300 + masks to at risk kids and their families.

The kids (and their parents!) got to choose from a selection of designs of masks printed on Granville Island.

MAKE plans to continue to donate one mask to KidSafe to match every mask purchased! We can't wait to make our next delivery!

Kidsafe is a registered Canadian charity based out of Vancouver with the mission to provide safe havens for vulnerable children when schools are closed. They will deliver your donated mask to kids at risk in the Vancouver community 💛