You heard it here first! Since we introduced our custom MAKE #SELFIEMASKS (with a little help from our friend Ann Luu!) they have proven to be a hilarious hit. Enough so that they were featured on CTV Morning Show and by the hosts of Virgin Radio VancouverΒ this summer.

Now you can easily create your own custom #SELFIEMASKS using this simple five step guide and ensure you're looking your 10/10 self - even with a face mask coveringΒ that gorgeous grin!Β 

Start by visiting our 'Design Your Face Mask' page by clicking here, orΒ visiting andΒ hovering over the 'DESIGN IT' drop down menu.

You'll be greeted with the option of designing either an adult face mask or a smaller kids face maskΒ version from the face mask collection page. Click on the product that works best for you!

Our adult masks fit the average adult-sized face at 18.5cm (~7in) across. Our kidsΒ masks measure at 15cm (~6in) across. All MAKE face masks feature adjustment beads at the ears so you can create a perfect snug fit.

Once you've chosen your mask size, click on the 'DESIGN IT!' button to start designing your selfie mask in our MAKE Designer!

Once in the MAKE Designer face mask template, upload your selfie to the mask by clicking on the 'Upload' button on the left hand side of the MAKE Designer page.

TIP: When taking a selfie for MAKE #SELFIEMASKS, it's best to use a high quality image of your face directlyΒ facingΒ the camera. Standing in front of a window facing outside and holding your camera against the glass is great for ensuring your lighting is Kim K approved.

If possible, try to use a dark backdrop in case you need to add a bit of blank space to the sides of your mask.

Once your selfie has been uploaded to the MAKE Designer face mask template, you'll need to size your image to make sure your selfie mask is hilariously realistic.

You can click, hold and drag the resizing tool on the bottom right corner of your image to make the image larger or smaller. By clicking and holding your image on the mask template, you can slide it into place.

This handy sizing tips infographic will help you make sure your selfie mask is sized properly in the template:

Since all faces are beautifully unique, you may need to alter your image to fit your face size. By roughly measuring the width of your MAKE face mask against your face, you can decide how large to size your selfie on the mask.

Keep in mind that our adult face masks measure 7 inches across, and kids masks are 6 inches. If you have a smaller face, try adding a bit of blank space to the edges of your mask. If you have a larger face, make sure your cheeks hit the edge of the mask - or run slightly over!

Check out this example:

You've done it! You've successfully created your very own, 100% unique custom MAKE selfie mask using our MAKE Designer. We're so proud of your skills!

Now that your template is ready to be printed at our MAKE studio on Granville Island, you can add your masterpiece to your cart by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button.Β 

That's it! Really - it's that simple!

Once you've received your MAKE #SELFIEMASKS, we'd love to see you rocking them. Tag us on social media @makevancouver and using the hashtag #MAKEvancouver for your chance to be featured on our page!

Keep smiling!