Meet Steve Buscemi, the Bearded Dragon of your Dreams!


MAKE first met Steve Buscemi, the bearded dragon (not the famous actor), when his guardian, Madison, brought him in to have a t-shirt made.

It turned out that we didn't have a shirt small enough for Steve, but we did have Madison's size! While we helped create the custom printed t-shirts for them, we chatted about Steve.

Tell us a bit about Steve

Steve is a Full-Time Bearded Dragon, Part-Time Drama Queen.

He’s almost 1 year old, truly loves being the centre of attention (much like Tinkerbell, if people don’t clap for him, he’ll “simply waste away”- his words), and is the funniest personality of any animal I’ve ever met! Steve’s favourite activities include: running around the house in his giant-sized hamster ball, sitting on top of my head and exploring the city, pooping in his tank… then dragging his tail through it…. and when I try to bathe him after… poops in the bath.

Steve is on Instagram: @SteveBuscemiTheBeardedDragon and on TikTok: @SteveBuscemiTheBeardie

We understand Steve is in the running for the title of America's Favourite Pet?


America’s Favourite Pet is the worlds largest online pet competition! PAWS Animal Rescue & Rehab, based out of Washington state, has been the beneficiary of the contest since its origin in 2020. To date, contributions made by America’s Fav Pet have funded the rescue and rehabilitation of over 5,300 animals!!

This is the first time they’ve opened the contest to ALL animals, with prior years just being “Favourite Cat/Dog”…. so now is Steve’s time to make his mark on the world. And as just a wee bonus…. the grand prize winner receives a $10,000 cash prize, and a 2-page feature in InTouch Weekly magazine! Finally, Steve can start paying his own rent. 

The winner is announced October 27 2022… so we still need your help! Daily votes for Steve are FREE, and can be done at . You also have the option to make a paid vote, with a donation to PAWS!

Is this the first time you've printed with MAKE?

Long-time shopper, first time MAKEr! I chose to create with MAKE because of the quick turnaround times, the stunning quality of the other products made, and how easy and straightforward their custom designing/ordering process is.

How did you hear about MAKE?

I’ve been a fan of the store since the first day I moved to Vancouver! MAKE was literally the first business my mom and I went into after choosing to spend my first day on Granville Island, and it really did set the tone for my whole experience living in this city. Everything inside the store was fun, bright, vibrant, witty, and thoughtful, including the staff!! My experience in MAKE, on my very first day in Vancouver, made me so much more excited to live in a city so clearly full of life and creativity.

What did you create at MAKE?

I designed two different shirts! One of them a baseball shirt with a vibrantly coloured image, and the other a black t-shirt with an equally vibrant print. Both shirts turned out even better than I could have hoped. 

Did you create online or in our store?

I created the designs through the website. It was so easy to operate the design features on the site, Steve said he’s going to make his own shirts next time (he might be a little too ambitious… I’m not sure how “claw-friendly” the drag-and-drop features are… but for humans, its a breeze!).

How was your overall experience with MAKE? 

As with every in-store shopping experience I’ve ever had at MAKE: it was awesome. Both your in-store and your online assistance teams are friendly, responsive, and so supportive of Steve and his campaign!

Will you be back?

I will absolutely be back! Every time someone notices my shirt, I proudly name-drop where it was made.