Motanka Doll Fundraiser for Ukraine


In early March 2022 a mother and daughter crafting team reached out to MAKE for assistance with their fundraising idea. Eva and Lena, aka @SaltedCaramel on Instagram, were deeply moved by the war in Ukraine and set up a fundraiser with UNICEF Canada to support children of Ukraine

In addition to asking for donations they, together with their amazing Ukrainian friends, started making traditional Slavic dolls known as “Motanka dolls”.  They hoped to sell them and donate the funds to UNICEF.

Motanka dolls are originally from Ukraine but are also found in the folklore of other Slavic countries. These dolls were handmade, without the use of sharp objects, to protect from evil and sickness 

Motanka dolls are not sewn and the traditional ones have no faces so that they can focus on the wishes and needs of others. They are simple and colourful. 

Eva and Lena first approached MAKE with ten dolls that they hoped to sell. MAKE set up a display with signage and offered to match the sales 100%. Since that first day, MAKE has sold over 100 dolls and to date we've donated $4310.00!

As of August 31, the dolls will no longer available at MAKE and in early September MAKE will be making another final donation. Stay tuned!

Please find out more and donate to their fund here: