The Three Types of MAKE Masks


Face masks. They're not necessarily our favourite accessory to sport - but they've quickly become the most worn addition to our wardrobes.

At MAKE, we offer three unique styles of our best selling face masks. Mix and match to suit your style with this radical range of MAKE face coverings.

This mask is an eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious mask wearer. Our UPCYCLED MAKE masks are made from repurposed salvaged 100% cotton off-cuts sewn into masks! Every mask is one-of-a-kind and available at MAKE on Granville Island and MAKE Gastown.

Our upcycled masks cost $12 each.


Our EMBROIDERED MAKE masks feature simple black 100% cotton masks and are adorned with a variety of unique embroidered patches. We also offer them plain. What design will you uncover in our in-store collection?

Our black masks sell for 3 for $29 without embroidered patches. Masks with patches cost $15 each.


Our PRINTED mask collection is designed and printed at MAKE on Granville Island! Shop from our full range of collections - including botanical masks, masks inspired by the works of famous artists, quarantine themed masks and more online and in stores.

Custom masks are $19.50 and include your design while our pre-printed ones are $16.00 and both styles come with 2 removable, replaceable filters.


Our face masks feature an internal pocket to allow room for a safety filter, and come with two filters to get you started. They also feature adjustable beads to allow you to custom fit your mask. For every mask purchased from MAKE, we donate one to a local Greater Vancouver based charity. Cool, right?

We also offer the option of custom designing your own mask. Stand out from the crowd and have a go at designing your own custom face mask using our online MAKE Designer:

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