Digitizing Custom Artwork for Embroidery


To have your logo or artwork embroidered, it first has to be digitized for embroidery using embroidery specific software.    * The final digitized file is actually a programmed series of x/y coordinates that tell the embroidery machine how to move to create each stitch.*

COST:  Pricing for both the embroidery and digitizing is based on how many stitches it takes to recreate your design in embroidery.   The size of the design, amount of filled areas and additional detail all play a role in the final number of stitches.   The "digitizing fee" is a one time fee and your logo is kept on file for future use.

Logos that are 1,000 to 10,000 stitches cost between $40 - $100 to digitize. 

These examples show graphics to embroidery.    Note that embroidery is a very different medium than printing, and often certain elements need to be changed in order to be embroidered. For example: fine lines and details, small lettering and gradients.


To get a quote on you logo or design to be digitized:

We can work from a variety of different artwork formats (jpg, eps, business cards, photographs and even old embroidery designs). Remember though, the better the graphic or artwork, the better the final product. 

PLEASE NOTE: embroidery is not print on paper – it is thread going through fabric so is a completely different medium and result.  There are some graphic elements that are difficult to impossible to recreate faithfully or legibly (really small letters!) in embroidery and we will advise you at the time you send your artwork if we have concerns.

Digitizing fees are based on the number of stitches it takes to recreate your logo or design in embroidery. So, in order to give you an accurate quote, we will need:

     * Your graphic
     * The size you want it reproduced in embroidery (Important!)
     * The quantity and type of garments you would like your design embroidered

Request a quote  here: 

NOTE: Digitized designs can generally be made 10% larger or smaller without editing.  Any size change beyond that may need an edit and there may be a fee for this.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee the return of original artwork hard-copies, so please only give us photocopies or scans of your items.