My Cat Book - A Keepsake Journal for My Pet


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You've heard of baby books? Well this is kind of like that but for the crazy cat ladies who will never (ever) have kids! Track milestones with you little fur baby in this purrrfect cat diary - "My Cat Book". If your cat knew how to read, I'm sure they would be just as embarrassed when you whip this book out at the next family gathering to show off.

  • Illustrated by Mike Lowery 
  • 5.9"w x 0.5"h x 8.1"d
  • Kittens are cuter than babies

From November 27th to December 31st, MAKE will be donating 25% of sales of this product as well as the My Dog Book and all Custom Bandannas to SAINTS Rescue! SAINTS Rescues works to provide a safe haven for senior, palliative and special needs animals and meet their needs through kindness and empathy.