Custom Embroidery

Our specialty for over 25 years!  From elegant design to logo and corporate branding, our designers are ready to help.  

Need inspiration? See our Embroidery Portfolio. Or, check out the fonts, graphics and designs you can use to get your project started.

What We Have in Store

At Make, we have an assorted selection of items that are perfect for embroidery.  For that special gift or for your company, club or team. Here are some of the items we carry in store that can be embroidered.



What Can I Bring In?

Many items are suitable for embroidery.  Here is a sample list of things that you can bring in for embroidery at Make.

  • caps
  • toques
  • towels
  • aprons
  • robes
  • blankets/baby blankets
  • some backpacks (backpacks with too many zippers or padding may not be embroidered)
  • chair covers
  • jackets
  • shirts
  • polos
  • hoodies
  • athletic wear
  • Christmas stockings
  • jerseys
  • NOTE - there are a number of things that can restrict us from being able to embroider on your item - pockets, zippers, linings, seams, fabric that is too thick or too delicate.  We cannot say for sure that your item can be embroidered until we have seen it.

    New! Custom 3D Puff Embroidered Caps

    Make is the only place on the planet to offer 3D Puff Embroidered Caps on a one-off basis.
    Click here to learn more and see awesome examples.

    Production Time For Embroidery

    One or two items: 

    • Bought at Make:   same day to next day depending on time of order.
    • Brought in:   24-72 hours depending on item and embroidery.

    Multiple Items (eligible for volume pricing at 6+ with same embroidery):

    This is quoted based on the number of items, the embroidery needed and our current workload.  Can be from 72 hours to 10 days depending on the project.

    Pricing For Embroidery (stock lettering and designs)

    • On items bought at Make - Embroidery starts at $13 including the first 12 letters OR a basic stock or custom design up to 3,000 stitches.
    • On items brought in by you - Embroidery starts at $17 including the first 12 letters or a basic stock or custom design up to 3,000 stitches.
    • More than 12 letters?  Additional letters are charged for based on their size.
    • The stock or custom design is more than 3,000 stitches?  They are priced based on the number of stitches so pricing is quoted on a per design basis.
    • Bulky, extremely thick, tough or unwieldy items:  There are some items that are extremely hard to hoop and then keep on the machine - we charge a handling fee of $10-$25 on these items.
    • Custom Design set up: To use your own logo or design it must be digitized to be used by the embroidery machine. This is a one-time set-up fee (digitizing fee) and varies based on the complexity and size of the design.  We need to evaluate your design before we can quote you on digitizing or embroidery.  To learn more about digitizing and get a quote on your project click here.

    Click here to see our SPECIAL Pricing on Embroidered Hats.


    Can I get a custom graphic embroidered?

    Yes, we can convert your logos, designs and artwork into a special format so they can be embroidered by our machines.  It needs to be DIGITIZED for embroidery using an embroidery specific program operated by a trained digitizer. 

    To learn more about digitizing and get a quote on your project click here.

    Can I get embroidered patches made?

    Yes.  See our information on patches here.

    Can I get only one item embroidered?


    Do you offer quantity pricing?

    Yes, our quantity pricing on embroidery starts at 6 items.

    Can I bring in my own item(s) to be embroidered?

    We embroider items purchased elsewhere all the time if they are suitable for embroidery.

    Not all items, even if they are constructed of fabric, can be embroidered.  (If they are too small to hoop, have lots of zippers and pockets, or are thick padded fabrics, have layers of fabrics, are fragile or constructed in any way that prevents us from being able to get an hoop on them and attached them to the machine.)

    Also, there are some things that we do not recommend be embroidered even if it is possible (examples of this are irreplaceable items, very thin or delicate fabrics, neck ties, very expensive items, anything leather, anything the hoop may leave a mark on)  Please bring your item into Make to see if it works with embroidery.

    We will not embroider unwashed items, no exceptions.

    Do you have different fonts and colours to choose from?

    Yes! We have over 20 fonts and 100 colours to choose from. Scroll back to the top to see our embroidery fonts.

    Do you have stock images and designs I can use?

    Yes, we have hundreds in many different categories.  We do not have pictures of them all uploaded to our site but do have some examples shown here.

    I found this great image on the web - can you reproduce this?

    Maybe - but likely not as you need to be the owner or creator of the image or have specific permission to use it.  We do not reproduce copyright protected images or artwork without the permission of the creator or owner.